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Learning Tools

Don't know how or where to begin?  Feeling a little overwhelmed with the task at hand?  Don't stress! 

Just begin with the first step.     

Writing Tools

Transition to English 100

Do you think that you're done with writing after you've passed your ELA class in 12th grade?  Think again.  

Click below to view sample syllabi from English 100 classes and assess if your skills are ready to pass English 100 in college.  

Writing a Memo

Online Tools

MLA Formatting Help
Purdue Online Writing Lab

Writer’s Block: Symptoms and Cures
Purdue Online Writing Lab

Create Proper Citations
Easy Bib


Writing Tools

Reading Tools

Shakespeare: Discover the Basics of the Bard

Many are intimidated by reading Shakespeare because of the language.  Here are tools to help you look for clues to help you understand.  


Dystopian Literature

One of my favorite genres to read, dystopian literature requires us to think about our future.  Look for the five major clues to help you analyze the warnings in dystopian literature.  

Silhouette in Subway Tunnel

The Last Lecture

If you knew you had a short few months left to live, how would you proceed?  How would you teach your children all the life skills you would want them to learn?  The Last Lecture is a beautiful story by Professor Randy Pausch as a "how to" live life to the fullest that was written for his children after he passed away.  


Operation Redwood Resources

Have you ever felt so connected to a beautiful place on Earth that called to you and connected you to nature?  Operation Redwood tells of the adventure of one boy who fell in love with these trees.  Click on the link below to learn about the California redwoods and how you can help to preserve them just like he did.  


Online Tools

Help In Reading Comprehension


Summaries, analyses, and more for novels and Shakespeare


Opinion pieces and writing prompts to practice your writing skills

Room for Debate

Reading Tools

Other Resources

The College Application Timeline

Did you know that college preparation begins in 9th grade?  Do you wonder how to help you prepare for college? Does the process feel overwhelming?  

Click on the link below to learn how to prepare each year of high school for the next step in your journey.  

Student on Mobile Phone

Online Tools

How Strong Is Your Vocabulary?
Merriam Webster Online Quiz

Word of the Day 

New York Times Monthly Challege


Other Resources

Parents, looking for your resources?

It takes a village to raise a child, right?  Here are a few resources to support, guide, and help you on your journey.  

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