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Writing a Memo

Transition to English 100

Learning Tools

To my seniors...

I am worried for some of you that you will not be prepared for college. To illustrate what I mean, please see the excerpts below of some of the English 100 assignments you are expected to complete in your first year of college.


Two of these course descriptions come from community colleges. So for those of you who think because you are going to community college and won't need to reach such a rigorous standard, think again. 

In preparation for English 100, we will work on a paper the summer before college. 

Pick one of the following: 

  • Compare and Contrast

  • Rhetorical Analysis (logos, pathos, ethos, kairos)

  • Argument

  • Research Paper

  • Cause and Effect

  • Literary Analysis (fiction)


The topic of your paper will be of your choice.  What's something you are curious about? What would hold your interest and help motivate you to do much of this work on your own? I will not be going to college with you, so how will you motivate yourself to complete the work that is expected of you?  

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