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Hi! My name is Megan Yoshino.



I am a private tutor in Honolulu, Hawaii. My philosophy towards education upholds high expectations with innovation to deliver unique opportunities for all learners. I am a firm believer in the growth mindset, mindfulness, awareness, and whole student teaching (mind, heart, and soul). When I’m not tutoring, I can be found dancing, reading a book, traveling, volunteering, or discovering new places to eat.

Work Experience

I began my career teaching middle and high school in the public school system. I have been a presenter at Windward Community College’s “Core to College” alignment workshop to address building accountability and responsibility in the classroom. I attended the 2012 National Career Academy Coalition Conference in Nashville, Tennessee as one of ten teacher leaders to spearhead the transition to career academies. I also was a corporate trainer specializing in curriculum development, which deepened my understanding of the importance of creating a career ready child upon graduation.  I have also worked in the elementary school setting as a part time teacher with grades K-5.


  • ​Iolani School, 2003

  • The University of Hawaii at Manoa, 
    Bachelor of Arts in English, 2008

  • The University of Southern California,
    Master of Arts in Teaching, 2010,
    National Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi

Activities & Affiliations

  • ​Haebaru Club (Okinawan Club)

Our Core Values

As a compass is to navigation, our set of core values point us in the right direction; a direction that promotes an environment conducive to learning and empowers students to become lifelong learners. 


Encouraging Environment

We provide an encouraging environment, structured to empower kids and parents. It’s not just about getting students to pass tests. It’s about addressing the whole child; mind, heart, and soul. Only then can learning and growth begin. The practice of whole-child learning identifies and alleviates any obstacles to learning within students. 



Growth is essential to our culture as well. The growth mindset is the way of thinking at HI Achievers. Students are set up with skills to become lifelong learners. Internally, lesson plans and teaching aids are made from scratch. If it doesn’t exist, then we’ll make it. Self-education and self-discovery are expected.



The truth is at the core of our culture. Often, the educational system, local culture, and society at large introduce myths and practices that can be confusing or downright impossible. Instead of following these standards, we focus on the student’s goals and work with parents to dispel the myths surrounding learning, education, and success.



If truth is at its core, then “cuteness” is the cherry on top. Cuteness could be described as what makes things enjoyable. It’s the lubrication that makes learning fun! From creative teaching aids to pop-tarts, emojis, and an Instagram wall of fame, kids are surrounded by cuteness and create a fair bit of it themself.


Small Wins & Struggles

We notice and appreciate our small wins. Recognizing a win, no matter how big or small, builds self-esteem, momentum, happiness, and confidence. These are not relied on or expected, nor do they lead to arrogance or complacency.


Struggles are the ultimate teacher. We learn to meet setbacks and disappointments with resilience and courage. It may be overwhelming, but struggles are surmountable with small wins. They go hand in hand. It's in this process that builds belief in "we can."


Our Mission

At HI Achievers, we build courage, resilience, and character. It’s about fostering our connections, empowering kids and parents, and cultivating a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

What Others Say About Us...

Miss Megan creates a comforting and trusting atmosphere/relationship making it easy to confide in her about something you’re struggling with or something personal that may be interfering with something you are currently working towards.  I never feel that I have to put on a facade during my tutoring sessions knowing that she accepted me for who I am and lets me express my emotions freely.


One of my favorite parts of the tutoring services was having the ability to ask for assistance on school assignments while simultaneously preparing for college applications.  I am grateful that I had the choice of what the tutoring session would cover and supplying me with tasks to do independently to remain on track.  Another thing I really enjoyed is how Miss Megan lets me take the lead and have full control over the task at hand as opposed to telling me exactly how to do something.


The most prominent change that I have noticed is becoming more open-minded.  Prior to tutoring, I was narrow-minded only viewing things through my perspective and failing to consider different colleges, majors to pursue, and even having an open-mind about reading new genres has all improved my life in and out of school.


I would tell my friend that if they’re having any trouble with their English class, SAT testing, and mapping out future plans to see you immediately.  Miss Megan offers many resources to help her students excel and grow as people.  For anyone who is in high school who is timid about seeing a tutor like I was, I encourage you to give it a try!  You will have the opportunity to work on the areas you want to strengthen such as annotating literature and writing various essay styles. 



Contact Me & Let's Get Started!

1687 Kalauokalani Way #107

Honolulu, HI 96814

*Diagonal from Convention Center, under Hawaiian Brian's and 24 Hour Fitness

Operating Hours


Mon-Fri: 2pm- 6:30pm

Saturday: 10am- 4pm

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