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What type of tutoring does your child need?

From Language Arts Tutoring to College Planning & Admission, your child’s transition through their educational career is covered!

Pick one or a combination of tutoring supports and strategies listed below.

Language Arts Tutoring

Tutoring for language arts with a focus on kindergarten-12. For this, students bring in their homework and we work on it together for a deeper understanding. Students learn new and different strategies for reading comprehension and writing. School assigned novels are read with your child to evaluate their comprehension.

Standardized Test Preparation

Practice and Preparation for the Verbal and Essay sections of the SSAT/ISEE, SAT, and ACT.


Your child will learn interview skills and identify their own positive characteristics so they are ready for their interviews to showcase their best self.  They also explore potential schools and what the schools have to offer so students are excited to take classes, join clubs, and participate in the traditions of that school.

Students Have Been Accepted Into:

  • Hawaii Baptist Academy

  • Mid-Pacific Institute

  • Punahou School

  • Iolani School

  • Kamehameha Schools

College Planning & Admission

Tutoring services are not just for language arts tutoring!


At the end of 11th grade, your child begins our unique curriculum for self discovery and reflection to create a solid sense of self for their personal statement.  Students use this self exploration to navigate narrative writing for the college admissions essays.


Students also complete a College Scavenger Hunt to identify answers to questions like the difference between public and private schools, enrollment and the size of the university, to the Mission and Vision Statements of potential schools.  This information helps with the fear and struggle of applying to college and understanding how different it is from the high school experience.


Students are led step by step through the process of searching for possible majors, university and college contenders, and beginning their applications to consultation of admissions essays and meeting deadlines.

Students Have Been Accepted to:

  • Olympic College (WA)

  • California Baptist University (CA)

  • Chaminade University (HI)

  • Pacific Lutheran University (WA)

  • George Washington University (D.C.)

  • Temple University, Japan Campus

  • Occidental College (CA)

  • American University (D.C.)

  • Chapman University (CA)

  • University of San Francisco (CA)

Career Planning & Investigation

The College and Career Planning unit is geared for 9th grade and up.


This personalized curriculum looks at the total package of life after high school.  Sometimes as a student, all we know is to study and get good grades.  But, many students don’t see it as a means, but rather the end.  My Career Investigation curriculum shows students that high school is just the beginning of the adventure. We backwards map to explore careers and industries of interest to gain an understanding of potential careers, “dream schools”,  and, lastly, classes, clubs, and electives to take in high school to prepare us for that trajectory.  Even if that career changes ten times throughout the years, students have completed this once through and know how to adjust and pivot.


Students also develop an understanding of how their choices in education will impact their future as we cover personal finance topics like compound interest, budgeting, and predicted income.

College Planning & Admission

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know before scheduling a lesson. 

  • Where am I located?
    In person tutoring is held at: 1687 Kalauokalani Way #107 Honolulu, HI 96814 *Diagonal from Convention Center, under Hawaiian Brian's and 24 Hour Fitness
  • Who do I teach?
    We teach students who need a little (or a lot) of help with reading and writing. Students range in age from 4 to 18. With experience in kindergarten through 12th grade, we understand the expectations at every stage of student learning. Students attend private and public schools because everyone needs a little help and support, regardless of what school they attend. Some students come with a learning difference and we support their needs with re-teaching, guides like graphic organizers and handouts, and modifications. If commuting is an issue, online sessions over Zoom are perfect and time difference is taken into account as well. We also have students who are superstar achievers, who need more depth and stimulation than what school can provide. I work with students to push them to dream a little bigger and reach to be a high achiever.
  • Do I work with those in your child’s circle of influence?
    Yes! With your permission, I collaborate with current teachers and/or counselors. I have attended parent/teacher meetings to share experiences and observations from tutoring to help create the best plan of support for your child.
  • Are kids the only ones I work with?
    I also work in educational settings as a part time teacher with small group instruction and targeted direct instruction across grade levels. I have taught in person and virtual summer school. Open to educational consulting and professional development.

Pricing & Payment

Pay as you go or ahead of time. Find what works for you. Online classes are available. Checks and cash accepted, or pay online* using your credit or debit card.

*Additional processing fees for online payments.

1 Session



$65 / Hour

1 Session, Anytime

Pay as you go and make an appointment as the need arises.

12 Sessions



$55 / Hour

Pay ahead for regularly scheduled sessions tailored to your goals.


Get in touch to get started today!

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