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Operation Redwood

by S. Terrell French

Learning Tools

Resources to help you learn more about the redwoods of California.

Online Resources


National Geographic

This is the magazine's website on the redwoods of California. It is complete with an article, vocabulary list, and photos of redwood forests. DO NOT SCAN this page, READ IT. 


Save The Redwood League

This is the educational page of the Save the Redwoods League. This site has maps, books, videos, and links to other resources to learn more about the redwoods.


Save the Redwoods League YouTube channel

Save the Redwoods League's YouTube channel has numerous videos for you to see the majestic trees. Watch the first video, "Grove of Titans," if nothing else on that page.

Video Resources

National Geographic's Short Film Showcase

Watch the short video to see breathtaking images of the trees and the insects and animals that call the redwoods home.

It Takes a Forest

Watch the short video on how humans and logging have threatened the existence of the redwood groves. Currently, climate change and pollution is the biggest threat to the redwood groves.

Operation Redwood

By S. Terrell French

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