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The Learning Pizza. What does that even mean?!

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

You've made it to my blog and probably clicked on it due to curiosity. Satiate that craving and dive right in to The Learning Pizza.

What do learning and pizza have in common?

Well, pizza. There is an infinite number of combinations and variety for pizza. Let me explain. One of my favorite places to go for pizza is Pieology because when I get there I can choose a type of:

  • Crust (thin, thick, cauliflower or gluten free)

  • Sauce (they have 8 different sauces)

  • Cheese (there’s 5 to choose from, 1 is vegan)

  • Toppings (there’s 14)

  • Meats (there’s 8, 2 are vegan)

  • Spices and dipping sauces (there are 8)

You don’t even know how long I stand there just to figure out which crust I’m going to have and while I make my way through the line with the help of my favorite Pieology worker (one of my own kiddos) I change my mind as I stand there to add toppings.

I’m totally not a math person, but even I know that there are a lot of different combinations and differentiations just for that one type of food. Now when you think about it, doesn’t learning work the same way?

Pizza choices vary from person to person, time of day, cravings, or even feeling adventurous or wanting something new. This is how I think learning works. Everyone is different and learns differently. It could come down to pace, teacher, topic or environment. Sometimes we have habits, like the tried and true toppings from our favorite place, that we rely on to make us feel comfortable. Sometimes we feel like we can try the new place that opened up down the street. Just like learning, we can try the new strategy that a new teacher has introduced. There are so many different learning styles, types, and preferences. Just like the choices of our favorite pizza.

And aren’t we all just different types of pizza walking around too? Not only is learning different per person, but we all come with different backgrounds, preferred modes of learning, and even prior experiences that shape how we like to learn.

Lastly, we learn piece by piece, until things are whole and we “get it.” Just like a pizza. Then move on to the next, new thing to learn and we put all of that together piece by piece.

And, well, what better snack to energize our brains to get learning or to help us feel comfortable sharing than with a pizza.

So grab your favorite piece of pizza, pull up a chair and read on…

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