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2023 Reflections and 2024 Intentions

How did I do on my intentions for this year?  Not bad.  I definitely learned a lot about myself and how I operate- my likes, dislikes, where I need to grow and where I’m proud of myself. How about you?


Limitless- This year blew my mind in a lot of ways.  Limitless should be everyone’s yearly word.  It’s true the mind creates the obstacles and blocks and I see it when I work with my kiddos.  It’s always easier to cultivate in others because it’s hard to do it for ourselves.  But not putting any caps or walls up to ideas, goals, or anything allows for stuff to flow in.  I believe in magic, the wands or fairy dust kind, but more of the “anything can happen” and “good stuff is there if I look for it” kind of magic.  I like that type of life where I live with this sort of mindset and I want to continue to believe in limitlessness.  So much has changed in the last year and I want to continue to bring in change, work, love, life and living.   

Collaborative- Okay, so this one was the funniest for me this year.  I had the opportunity to collaborate with really awesome people.  But I also collaborated with people who made me NEVER want to collaborate ever again and reminded me why I like to work in my bubble of “solopreneur”.  It’s funny that I learned this.  But I’m glad that I did.  My intention this year was to be collaborative.  I wouldn’t have learned or appreciated the depth and boundaries of that word if I wasn’t intentional about being collaborative this year. I think next year I will be happy with the collaboration with just my kiddos. It wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be to be collaborative with adults. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Focused and Intentional- This intention was always an off and on for the year.  I don’t think anyone can be focused all the time.  But this year was the busiest I’ve been in years so learning to be focused, and focused on what I want, was so important. Being intentional went hand in hand with my focus.  I stepped down from a hula class that required more commitment than I was willing to one at a slower pace because I stepped up to lead my Okinawan club, that’s been floundering the last decade.  That was intentional.  Shifting my focus and energy, but still keeping enough energy for me and to fill my cup. 


My intentions for 2024 are: Exploration, Paced, Impactful and Bravery.

Exploration and bravery go hand in hand.  I want to push myself, just a little, to really get behind the passion projects to expand my brand. I’m really scared about 2 of them but at the same time really believe in them so bravery is the name of the game. 

Impactful because last year I was intentional and I think it worked.  Strategic to be productive, but also strategic to adjust.  Because I think I got pretty good at the intentional part, I want to see how impactful I can be- my health, my words, my actions… sound decisions, but also meaningful and significant. 

Lastly, paced. Because 2023 was such a blur, I want to make sure to pace myself.  I didn’t really feel the burnout until the end of the year. But the holidays always bring a round of burnout, which I don’t like either. I’m learning.  So this year will be paced.    

What’s your reflection and intention for living your next 365 days?

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