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Do You Want to Land Among the Stars?

Sounds dreamy doesn't it? Read on...

My last post asked about the re-visioning of education and how you saw the future of it. However, before I delve into that, I want to share the basics of what makes “HI Achievers” and “The Learning Pizza” tick: my mission statement, core values, brand pillars. I cannot express what a labor of love those words were in creating all of that. I worked with a graphic designer who works with companies to create their brand messaging. He helped me to put into words and visuals all the treasures that are important to me to help me see the relationships and connections between all the things I am, that are important to me, and the things I value.

And I created magical and powerful “stuff”.

My mission statement: At HI Achievers, we build courage, resilience, and character. It’s about fostering our connections, empowering kids and parents, and to cultivate a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. *cue happy tears from me*

Courage, resilience, and character. Aren’t these everything we want to be and our children to be? Brave humans who can tackle challenges and do great things all while doing things humbly, with integrity and being nice. It’s a lot harder being and living that. But if we don’t have an end goal, how do we know what we’re aiming for? And with everything going on when anyone flips on the news nowadays, courage, resilience, and character is needed to survive and thrive.

Connections go so much farther than just connections to a book we’re learning, but really learning connections and relationships between peers, to teachers, to parents, to content they are learning, to the real world and to history. We are all connected to everything past, present and future. Once we see the interconnectedness, although we are singularly just one, just one is all that is needed to make an impact. All of that supports empowerment.

Empowerment for students is knowing they have a set of strategies in their arsenal to find the answer they need, they can pivot their perspective and adjust and be flexible, and that they can try again tomorrow. Students know they are the keepers of their future and agents of change. What a powerful and confident feeling for little humans to master. Empowering parents supports families where relationships are not strained because of the stress of homework or classwork. Empowering parents is where someone can see their child for who they really are and we work together to support each other.

Love of learning speaks for itself. The world is always changing and moving. Love of learning does not mean a textbook and test kind of learning, but a curiosity to learn about people, cultures, and ideas that are different from our own. An appreciation that people and things are different and that’s okay. Even in my therapy sessions, I learned “Get Curious” is often the antidote to feeling hurt, taking things personally, triggers… if we get curious about our own triggers, we might see where we can grow. If we get curious about what triggers us in or from others, we might still see where we can grow. “Don’t ignore it, explore it,” is often what happens in therapy.

I know my mission is lofty. But what better way to re-vision education and the future than lofty?

Norman Vincent Peale said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars,” right? Like my logo suggests, be that shooting star, aim for that moon and see where you land.

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