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Common Core Standards

Common Core State Standards are the national standards that are used for every grade level in the core subjects. 

Click the image below to link to the Common Core website for ELA standards.  Here you can read the expectations for each grade and understand on what your child's grades should be based.   

Books On Shelf

Sir Ken Robinson

This is a great twenty minute TED Talk video called "Do Schools Kill Creativity?"  Sir Ken Robinson questions if schools quell rather than foster creativity in our children.  Everyone agrees we all want our children to grow up to be creative and innovative, but are we creating an environment of fear of failure.


He says, "If you are not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original."   

Click on the image to be linked to the Ted Talk by Sir Ken Robinson.  

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This website is a collaboration of 15 non-profit organizations that aggregates information, discussion boards and articles all about learning and attention issues.      

I love this site because it has articles on how to organize an IEP binder, use accommodations, and get your child to listen without yelling.  All super useful information.

Click the image below to link to

Open Notebook

Occupational Outlook Handbook

This website is run by the US Department of Labor.  It. Is. Amazing. 

Kids often have these awesome ideas of their future and the jobs they will have.  Use this resource to help them see the type of education they will need, the type of work they will do, the work environment, median pay, and much more.  

If you look at possible industries together, you can discuss how their education will be covered and how you came to the job that you currently have.  It's such a great conversation!


Click on the image below to be linked to their website.  

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