Things To Explore While We Stay Safe At Home

With hybrid learning still going on, take time at home to explore your world.  Below are virtual museums, zoos, aquariums and other ideas to keep your brain learning and growing.  

Worthless bonus points if you can find me on this page... lol

Want to watch zoo and aquarium animals?

Click the camera to see the Georgia Aquarium cam of beluga whales, African penguins, or jellyfish.  

Click the camera to see the Atlanta Zoo's Panda cam. 

Click the camera to see the San Diego Zoo's live cam of elephants, koalas, penguins, and many more! 

Click the camera to see the live cams of Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I especially love the sea otters and penguins!

Libby App

For my reader kids, there is an app called Libby which let's you borrow books from your device.  You need a valid library card to enter your information once the app is downloaded.  

The only junk part is it's literally like the library where you can only "borrow" the books that have available copies.  If someone else is reading the free copy you want, you have to put a hold on the book. 

I have like 10 books on hold right now, but I've also finished over 50 books.  It safer for now while we can't physically go to the library to borrow books.  My dad says it's cleaner too since you don't know what's on other people's hands when they touch library books. lol    

Dyson Challenge Cards

Yup, the vacuum people.  They created these back in 2016, but the engineering projects are extremely applicable for stay home experiments now.  The pdf will take you to the cards with instructions.  If you want to watch a video of the challenges, click the link below to go to the Dyson Challenge Cards website.   

Click here to go to the Dyson Challenge Cards website.  

Click the pdf icon to get the Challenge Cards in pdf form. 

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model
Kids in Technology Class

Up for the Challenge? 

Here is a list of 450 Free Ivy League Courses that you can take via MOOC too. 


Free Online Ivy League Courses


Y'all, I will never have an opportunity to take a class at an Ivy.  Let's go! 

More Virtual Field Trips

This suggestion came from Michele Wilson and her grandsons, Sam and Jake

Click  the link to check out Michele's personal webpage!

Click here to check out "Road Trip From Home: Virtual Field Trips".  


Coursera is an MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) that offers courses from over 190 universities and companies.  Many of the classes you can sign up for and take for free.  

Do yourself a favor and browse the courses offered.  Take a class in something that interests you. 

Expand your brain and do something your future self will thank you for.