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Merriam Webster Online

Play this vocabulary game to test your synonym skills.  See how you stack up against others your age. 

To my younger kiddos: my older kiddos say to start early in learning SAT vocabulary.  Listen to them and do yourself a favor! 

Another way to practice vocabulary is to check out the New York Times Word of the Day. 

Watch videos made by other kids explaining the definitions of words like malarkey and vim.  

Graduation Caps

Ted Talks: Life After Graduation

Feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of life after graduation?  Worried at the thought of adulting?  

Watch the Ted Talks aimed at helping you navigate the transition to life after graduation.  

While you're there, check out the other inspirational speakers and topics!


Do You WOOP?

Click the link above to get the printable blank WOOP handout. 


You can WOOP any time you want and WOOP whatever area of your life you wish to improve.  

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